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Postby westoelad » Thu May 21, 2020 11:51 am

Durhamfootman wrote:
Arthur Crabtree wrote:Well, it says mini-stroke, which I'm thinking is a trans ischaemic attack, which shouldn't do lasting damage, but there may be some underlying issue that caused it.

could be, or it could also be more severe than a TIA, although mini strokes often also lead to full recovery very quickly. As WL says, it is a big old warning and he would do well to heed it. When my mum had one a few years ago, they immediately zoomed in on her high salt consumption. She had slurred speech, but was pretty much back to normal the next day.

Key is only 41. that's very young by any standard

I frequently suffered from slurred speech in my younger days and made a full recovery the next day but it never occurred to me that it was down to the salty crisps I had with my pints of the amber liquid :pint
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