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Welcome - Our Forum's Rules

Postby mikesiva » Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:08 pm

Welcome to Cricket-Match-Special - an online forum to discuss cricket.

Rule # 1 - Racial abuse, religious abuse and race baiting is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. This is a forum for wum-free discussions. Posts that are deemed to be race baiting and/or ethnic/religious bashing will be removed and the offender banned.

Rule # 2 - Please post in the appropriate categories.

Rule # 3 - Posters with multiple handles will be banned.

Rule # 4 - Abusive, sexist and obscene language is unacceptable and will result in offenders being banned. Also, do not go out of your way to provoke other posters. There will be times when tempers will boil over, but if we all show a willingness to take back the offending words, and are happy to shake hands and move on, we will all be able to get along.

Rule # 5 - No commercial postings.

Rule # 6 - Do not repost articles from other websites here in its entirety. Posting the heading and first paragraph with a link to the website is acceptable. Please respect other people's intellectual property.

Rule # 7 - Postings that are considered libelous are not allowed and if the Admin is contacted by any court, rest assured that IPP addresses, email addresses, names, etc. will be provided.

Rule # 8 - Please do not post copyrighted material here, such as pictures, videos etc. Youtube and Google Videos are okay, though.

Rule # 9 - Private Messaging is provided, please do not use it to abuse fellow posters, this can result in banning. There is no special sanctity of PMs and these may be accessed, shared or forwarded where necessary.

Rule # 10 - Admin and Moderators reserve the right to close threads that have gone out of control and to restrict access to the site or bar any member from the site. This is a private forum and as such is effectively a private club where management reserve the right to bar anyone at their discretion. Access to the forum is a privilege granted by management and is not a right.

We encourage, within limits, free speech and the right to express yourselves, but expect members to be respectful of one another, curbing any abuse overrides free speech. Express yourself, but do so as you would have others do unto you. Remember, this is a wum-free zone, and we expect everyone to make an effort to get along.

Please don't take postings too seriously, but above all else HAVE FUN !!!
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